Announcing Sortly!

Brand new name for a reimagined version of My Things - Where Are They?™
Coming soon to an iOS device near you!

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  • This app is great and gets better the more you learn how to use it. And you’ll soon find out it’s only limited to your imagination. It makes entering/modifying/and keeping up with your stuff easy and fun….One of the most useful apps I’ve ever used
    App Store customer review, Dec 8, 2012

Take the Stress Out of Storage

Mountains of mystery boxes in your attic, basement, storage unit or garage? Sortly makes it simple for you to create a visual record of your things with photos, locations, tags, and notes. No more going through boxes to find the holiday decorations!

“I needed an app to keep track of everything I have in storage, and this does exactly that. I love being able to add a picture of each container and item....If you have lots of things in storage and need to know where everything is, this app is for you.” App Store customer review, 4/9/13

Make Moving Easier

Moving to a new home is hard enough. Sortly keeps track of all of your things and makes finding packed items a breeze. No more searching through a sea of cartons just to find the can opener!

“I've been looking for an app that does just this! Moving internationally and have to itemize everything in each box. Downloaded several storage apps but way too complex and didn't even do what I needed. This is perfect and allows me to put the boxes in different locations, change locations of the box, even which truck the boxes go on when I move. AND I can download to print for a hard copy — thank you!!!” App Store customer review, 1/12/13

Endless Possibilities

With tens of thousands of downloads, we have lots of users finding amazing ways to use Sortly. They’re creating records of their valuables for insurance purposes, keeping track of the details when they’re house-hunting and car-shopping, creating visual inventories for their small businesses, and more!

Easy for Everyone to Use

Sortly is incredibly easy to use — and it comes packed with great features! Save up to 8 photos for each item, and add arrows for precise locations. Export to a spreadsheet. Backup to Dropbox and iCloud. Download this free app today and never waste time searching for your things again!